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CSA Week 2 (Parma Parma)

What am I a rabbit or something??!?  Week two of the CSA included a bunch of greens and lettuces again.  The Wife and I have been enjoying salads for lunch every day (and some days for dinner too) since we … Continue reading

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Sopressata & Mizuna Pie

Since week one of our CSA included so many lettuces, I decided to make a second pie in an effort to use up as much of that week’s share as possible.  Little did I know at the time that week … Continue reading

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A note on ovens

Most people don’t have a wood-burning pizza oven in their backyard.  Unfortunately, I’m no different from most people here.  The best that I can do in my 12 foot wide Baltimore row house is a standard gas-fired GE oven. One … Continue reading

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Basic Red Sauce

My basic red sauce is a sauce of crushed up San Marzano* variety tomatoes with just a little bit of kosher salt mixed in.  (NOTE – you don’t need San Marzano variety tomatoes to make a great sauce, but I … Continue reading

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CSA Week 1 (Holy Lettuce Leaf Batman!)

When, in the description of this blog, I joked about having to figure out how to use 12 lettuces in one week I thought, at most, we’d get two, maybe three lettuces or greens in one week.  The first week … Continue reading

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Garlic Scape Pesto

The first week of our CSA included garlic scapes (along with the multitude of greens and lettuces).  I’d heard of this vegetable but had never actually seen it or tasted it.  They look like some kind of odd twisty green … Continue reading

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My Basic Dough Recipe

Here’s a recipe for my go-to pizza dough.  It’s based on a recipe/procedure created by Glutenboy, a user on Pizza Making, one of the best websites for learning all about making great pizza at home.  The key to this dough … Continue reading

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