About Me


I can even make pizza with my eyes closed!!

 Lawyer by day, pizza enthusiast by night (and by day, too, really).  When I’m not doing law stuff (think “The Firm” with Tom Cruise but a lot less exciting, fewer (i.e., no) trips to the Cayman Islands, more paperwork and, according to the Wife, less Tom Cruise-ish good looks), I find myself thinking and reading a lot about pizza.  I live in Baltimore (a/k/a Charm City, The City that Reads, The Greatest City in America (according to the city’s benches) and the home of various ridiculous, and arguably mildly pornographic, city slogans such as “Believe”, “Get in on It” and “Find Your Happy Place”), which, unfortunately, doesn’t have a lot of options for really good pizza.  Not one to be satisfied with a life without good, nay great, pizza, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I love to make, eat, smell, look at and discuss pizza, and to share my opinions on pizza with random internet people, so I figured, why not start a blog.  As if there aren’t already enough blogs out there, here’s another one!!


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