Here’s a list of some decent pizzerias within driving distance (which is relative based on your level of pizza fanaticism) of Baltimore as well as some that are on my “to eat at” list.


  • Pines of Rome (Bethesda) – a favorite because I’ve been going there since I was in diapers; the pizza’s just ok, but the place oozes nostalgia
  • Mia’s Pizza (Bethesda) – solid, not-too-thick and not-too-thin crust with good char and nicely chosen gourmet topping combos
  • Vace (Bethesda, D.C.) – great for slices; thin crust with semi-sweet sauce; bonus: you can shop for other Italian food items while waiting for your slice to be reheated; double super bonus: it’s cheap
  • Iggie’s (Baltimore) – one of the best in Baltimore
  • Matthew’s (Baltimore) – definitely a unique pie and a Baltimore institution; on the(very) thick side; more like a really bready pizza casserole, but in a good way
  • Isabella’s (Baltimore) – pretty good Little Italy pizzeria with a few tables; baked in a wood-fired oven; they also have good sandwiches and some Italian groceries for sale; very near where they show old-school movies for the Little Italy open air film festival each summer
  • Di Pasquales (Baltimore – Near my House!!) – Amazing Italian market with good pizza; the best sandwiches/subs in town; great selection of all things Italian including multiple kinds of prosciutto (mmmmmm.  prosciutto) 
  • Joe Squared (Baltimore) – decent pizza with some unusual toppings; baked in a coal-fired oven; often has live music; good wings and other non-pizza food stuffs
  • Coal Fire (Ellicott City) – a decent option in Howard County but not worth travelling too far for; sauce is too sweet for my tastes


  • 2 Amy’s (Cleveland Park/Woodley Park area) – authentic Neapolitan pizza (D.O.C. (i.e., pizza police) certified); usually has long waits, so don’t go with an empty stomach
  • Pizzeria Paradiso (Dupont, Georgetown) – one of the first, and still one of the best, fancy pizzerias in D.C.; Georgetown location has a great beer selection
  • Comet Ping Pong (Van Ness/Chevy Chase area) – ok pizza with good toppings; great wings; ping pong tables, yes ping pong tables, with a side of hipster pretension
  • Matchbox (Chinatown, Capitol Hill) – good thin crust pies, sliders, beer selection and atmosphere
  • Red Rocks (Columbia Heights) – I haven’t tried this place yet, but have heard good things; pies are cooked in a wood-fired oven and look pretty good based on pictures I’ve seen
  • Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza (Columbia Heights) – modeled after the famous New Haven, CT pizzerias such as Sally’s and Frank Pepe’s (i.e., thin, heavily charred crust)
  • Ella’s Wood Fired (Chinatown-ish) – kinda disappointing for pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven (flat crust, little char); ok if you are really craving pizza and are in the area
  • Jumbo Slice (Adam’s Morgan) – bad pizza but HUGE slices; each slice is at least the size of your torso; ok option for post-bar food;

New York (NYC is the capital of the U.S. pizza universe.  The pizzerias listed here are those that I have tried or that I plan to try on future NYC pizza tours and is definitely not exhaustive)

  • Di Fara (Brooklyn) – There’s no better pizza experience than watching Dom Demarco meticulously put together each pie, even if it takes over an hour to get yours and the prices keep going up; the pizza here is the quintessential New York pie, with a relatively thin, crispy and chewy crust; makes me wish I lived along the Q train
  • Motorino (Brooklyn, East Village) – At the top of my NYC “to eat at list”.  Neapolitan-inspired crust with unique topping combinations
  • Roberta’s (Brooklyn)
  • Grimaldi’s (Brooklyn, Hoboken, Long Island, Queens)
  • Co. (Chelsea)
  • Luzzo’s (East Village)
  • Keste (Greenwich Village)
  • Paulie Gee’s (Greenpoint Brooklyn)
  • Patsy’s (Harlem)
  • Totonno’s (Coney Island)
  • L&B Spumoni Gardens (Brooklyn)
  • Lombardi’s (Little Italy)

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